23 August 2008

the vintage fever

now now. we know our post before this was "old school." the reason being this is because we did not want to create any confusion whatsoever because.. let's face it. the word "vintage" is overused we think. this post is pure vintage. we found it from a vintage shop. and we fell in love with it! (psst! even one of the partners of this blog caught the vintage fever!!!) so really, girls. this pieces are to die for and are very very detailed! not only that, we guarantee a 100% quality as well!

and no, we did not take this out from the mom's cupboard :P
all brand new!!!

so, we proudly present: the vintage fever

sweet ella

the front

the back

material: cotton babeh! not stretchable. not sheer.
we love: the front! the neckline is just enough. not too low till we sometimes accidentally flash people around us! *ops* and the yellow line with the ribbon! the front and back is sewn with little fine, neat pleats (but it is more obvious on the back) and ladies, spot the hidden zippers! overall a very clean cut dress. perfect for those high tea outings, meals with the in-laws, office wear too! (basically anything!) lastly, we dare say that wearing this outfit can get you out of any trouble! (:
size: strictly uk4 - 8 only
(model wears mng jeans of the size: eur 36 ,D 34 ,USA 4 or MEX 3)

it's yours at RM 95


lily's pocketful of sunshine

material: cotton! very comfortable. perfect for the summer!
we love: the tie details! (like those spaghetti kinds but its tied manually and it adds a little edge to it! not your typical dress!) and of course, the cute side pockets! if we could rate this baby, we would give it a 10 for sweetness!
size: uk6 to uk10

it's yours at RM 95


the purple ruffled zebra

material: cotton cotton cotton!!!
we love: the fact that the ruffles aren't really ruffled up! (: and the stripes! the sleeves guarantee an airy airway too! (not not too big of course!) and the unique collar! we don't even know what to call it.. haha (: but somehow we get a sailor feel to this top but in a different view. like um.. the purple sailor? haha. anyways, it fits up to a uk12 but no worries ladies. no unwanted baby bumps! the material is heavy enough to flow (as seen in the 1st picture) u can pair it with anything. wear it with skinny's and look effortlessly vintage! pair it with a high waisted piece for a different look! i'm sure your mind's are all full with ideas now! (:
size: uk6 to a small uk12 we believe

it's yours at rm65


holey moley!

material: we *heart* cotton!
we love: first, we love the sleeves (its double layered ruffled) second, we love the bow! third, it's has that peter pan collar! and the holes, of course adds a little extra to it! not your typical top we say (: and oh! the prints and the color! we love the unique blue-green thing going on with the little prints across the top! we heart! (:
size: uk6 to uk10

it's yours at rm59


conservative prisoner's dress

material: cotton! (:
we love: the fact that this is not just another stripey dress! look at the details! omg! it's so subtle yet it makes a big a*s difference! ho ho ho (: we love the cute collars! the pockets! the half buttoned design and the details at the sleeves! we love love love it! (: don't you? and and and.. not to forget its vertical stripes! definitely makes one look slimmer + slender! you can however pair it with a belt as you like (;
size: uk6-10

it's yours at rm55


big, mini ruffles!

material: chiffon baby! sweet!
we love: omg! not only does this dress have big ruffles at the collars.. but if you look closely.. squint your eyes.. can you see the little ruffles detailed all along the dress? yes yes we love! it's not too much but it works!!! the pastel pink adds sugar to it to make you look like a darling in an instant! and it is lined too! so no worries for any see thru moments (: we also love the vintage touch to this baby! very very pretty and feminie! (:
size: uk6 to uk10

it's yours at rm55


vintage velvet

the front (we like!)

the back (woot! is that a little bow?)

material: the darker shade is velvet (yes! velvet!) and the lighter color area is a material we're not really sure about. its not really cotton. but its definitely those that don't need to be ironed to much! it falls into place just like that! (we hope you girls get what we mean!)
we love: the little pleated area too! gosh. we just loved it so much, we wanted to keep it for ourselves but.. but we refrained from temptation :P haha.
size: uk6 to maybe a uk12
(the model is a uk6 and it looks fantabulous on her! so no worries, you won't look big in it! but do email us if there are any concerns)

it's yours at rm 95


simplicity with a twist

simple front

oh me oh my!

material: cotton! (very very similar to demi's bow and not-so-ordinary top) not stretchable. not sheer also! very very good material (:
we love: the simplicity! but yet.. um.. not so simple after all! we heart the back! the big scoop at the back literally made us girls so excited when we first laid eyes on this! and also the tie-it-yourself bow! and this top fits almost all sizes! it's so flowy, you'd feel like miss flo low. okay that was real random but you get what we mean right? ;) this top is perfect to be worn if you're going to a buffet dinner at jogoya or wherever that you know you'll be eating your hearts out! LMAO (:
perfect for shopping, and those i'm-so-lazy-but-i-still-want-to-look-good days
size: uk6 to uk12

it's yours at rm 75


sexy leopard

orange & purple
available in 2 colors only dears!

material: cotton! don't we love cotton? (:
we love: okay. so when we think of leopards, what do you think? (yes i know guys think leopard prints are damn jinjang and auntie, etc etc) but hey! thats what guys say about the color gold too! but we girls love those gold accessories too, don't we! so to hell with the "leopard prints are so auntie" remarks and hear me out girls. leopards are sexy! just remember how a leopard walks. really. think. the way their bones move when walking.. now.. ain't that sexy? yes we believe they are! and this top is no exception. we love the off shoulder sexiness it brings to us! this lovely leopard can be worn as a toga as well huns! (: we love love love this top!
size: uk6 to uk10

it's yours at rm 55


we hope you caught the vintage fever! cause we certainly did!

email us at: fashion.robots@gmail.com

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